Owned by Bjørn Veum Seljevold, the properties have a long family history being operated by the same family since the early 1960's.  Situated on a 2900 acres mountain farm, you will find peace, relaxation as well as multiple outdoor opportunities. The recent addition of climbing routes (Via Ferrata Telemark) as well as repelling and overnight stay in the middle of the mountain side, makes Telemark Camping a truly unique place to visit. 

In October of 2013, Bjorn bought the properties from his mother, Sigrid Veum. 
Sigrid became the owner in 1972, purchasing them from her mother, Anna Veum, who's husband (Sigrid's father, then deceased) inherited  Skrede Gard and purchased Fagerdalen from his father.

Halvdan and Anna harvested timber, raised sheep, cows, pigs and chicken on Skrede Gard (translates to "Avalanche Farm") and herded the sheep and cows up to their 1600 acre property called Fagerdalen in the Summer for its wonderful grazing opportunities.  The young women who tended the animals at Fagerdalen made lovely cheese and butter.  The Fagerdalen cabin is now available to guests as a secluded vacation spot.

In the mid-1960's, Halvdan & Anna created Roan Camping, now named "Telemark Camping".  In 2014 a building on the main road was added and renovated to include a 2-bedroom apartment and a 4-room, hotel-style motel, which is available year-round.  A cabin, "Eldhuset", behind the main farmhouse is also freshly-renovated and available for rental.  Halvdan and Anna Veum's café, "Roan Kroa", re-opened in early 2017, exactly 50 years after the original opening, serving great food, beer and wine.